Potassium metal

Potassium metal: Are we allowed to demonstrate potassium metal in schools? How do I deal with it if it has oxidised?

I have just noticed that some of our potassium metal in light paraffin oil has some white fluffy/crusty bits on some of the larger pieces. A Lab manual suggests that the metal has been oxidised and the crusty bits should be removed.

My question is - how can I safely remove or deal with the oxidised parts that are on the larger chunks and then how do I dispose of those bits in a safe and acceptable way? Is there a time when potassium reaches an end point and is it then best to dispose of all of it via a chemical disposal company, or is there a safe way of doing it in-house? I really hate handling this stuff at the best of times!

Any information will be gratefully received.

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Publication Date: 10 June 2021
Asked By: Anonymous
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