NOTICE: Subscriptions for 2023

NOTICE: Subscriptions for 2023: Click here for more information

If you are a previous subscriber, your school will have received an invoice for 2023. Please contact your school accounts department to see if the invoice has already been paid. Please do not fill in a new subscriber form.

Click here to subscribe

For help with subscription payment, please contact [email protected]

For help with Science ASSIST website access, please contact [email protected]

Subscriptions are for the calendar year, so will run from now until the end of December 2023. Please share the news of this valuable service and keep students and staff across Australia safe by forwarding to your colleagues in other schools.

If you are not yet a subscriber, join hundreds of schools and teachers accessing our resources to keep science engaging and safe and access the most up to date safety compliance requirements that you need for your science area.

Check out our services by watching our video here on YouTube

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Publication Date: 19 April 2023
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