NOTICE: Natural Disasters

NOTICE: Natural disasters. Many states have been affected by bushfires, floods and storms and state regulators have health and safety information about what to do before, during and after a natural disaster.

See below for links to state-based resources.

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Publication Date: 12 January 2023
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Answer by labsupport on question NOTICE: Natural Disasters

Here are some links to state-based resources:

Australian Government: Flood and storm hazards, see (This also has additional links to each State Emergency Services flood information)

ACT: Storms, floods and bushfires, see,-floods-and-bushfires

NSW: Floods and other natural disasters, see

NT: Emergency plans and aftermath, see

QLD: Storms and floods, see

SA: Emergency response, see

Tas: Emergency planning, see

VIC: Beware of hidden hazards in flood clean-up, see

WA: Emergency management, see and Clean up after cyclones, storms or floods, see (This link added 19 April 2023)

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