Rocks & Minerals Safety - Streak and Hardness tests

Rocks & Minerals Safety - Streak and Hardness tests: I have a safety question on Pearsons 91 activity “comparing minerals”. The prac involves students doing streak and hardness tests on the following:

  • Malachite (copper containing)

  • Galena (lead containing)

  • Gaspeite (nickel containing)

  • Pentlandite (nickel containing)

Should these be avoided due to handling and generation of dust etc given the high toxicity – particularly nickel” ?

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Publication Date: 11 January 2024
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Rocks & Minerals Safety - Streak and Hardness tests

Pearson 8 2nd ed p.276 Comparing Minerals:
THis activity shows some pictures of minerals but it does not state that the experiment uses those minerals. The Teacher text says "photos of minerals are examples only. You do not have to find these minerals to do this practical. Any minerals you have available will be fine."

Materials listed are: selection of minerals, steel nail, copper washer or nail, cast iron, white unglazed tile, stereo microscope or hand lens.

You therefore supply whatever minerals you have in your collection or which you'd feel safe to use.

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