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Science Facilities: Where can I find policies, national standards etc. to clarify what the Australian Standards are for science rooms in schools?

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Publication Date: 09 May 2014
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Answer updated 19 February 2023

Science ASSIST has developed GUIDELINES for the design and planning of secondary school science facilities in Australian schools1

These were specifically written to help in the design of school science areas, and are aligned with Australian Building Codes and relevant aspects of the following Australian Standards for laboratory design and construction, safety aspects and emergency equipment.

AS/NZS 2982:2010 Laboratory design and construction:

This standard contains many general requirements for laboratories as well as a section with some additional notes and requirements for Secondary School Laboratories regarding:

  • Aisle width
  • Signage
  • Storage of students’ personal belongings
  • Safe preparation of chemical
  • Radiation
  • Gas/electricity services
  • Hazardous materials

AS/NZ 2243 Safety in Laboratories Series:

These standards are general in nature for all laboratories, with many aspects relevant for school science areas.

  • AS 2243.1:2021 Safety in laboratories, Part 1: Planning and operational aspects
  • AS 2243.2:2021 Safety in laboratories, Part 2: Chemical aspects and storage
  • AS/NZS 2243.3:2022 Safety in laboratories, Part 3: Microbiological safety and containment
  • AS/NZ 2243.5:2004 Non-ionizing radiations – Electromagnetic, sound and ultrasound
  • AS/NZ 2243.6:2010 Plant and equipment aspects
  • AS/NZ 2243.8:2014 Fume cupboards
  • AS/NZ 2243.9:2009 Recirculating fume cabinets

AS 4775-2007 Emergency eyewash and shower equipment:

This Standard sets out the minimum requirements for eyewash and shower equipment for the emergency treatment of the eyes or body of a person who has been exposed to materials which may cause injuries.

General information

For general workplace health and safety and to locate your state/territory workplace regulator please refer to


Science ASSIST. 2017. GUIDELINES for the design and planning of secondary school science facilities in Australian schools. Retrieved from the Science ASSIST website:

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