Changing Earth: The Darling Scarp

Changing Earth: The Darling Scarp
Publication Date: July, 2014
Type of Resource: Teacher background info

This downloadable resource tells the story of the Darling Scarp.

The resource is a free ebook titled Changing Earth: The Darling Scarp and is only available for Apple products.

The Darling Scarp is a 2.5 billion year old geological feature which is the backdrop to the modern city of Perth, Western Australia. In this ebook, the key geological processes that led to the Darling Scarp’s formation are investigated, allowing readers to relate present day landscapes to events of the past.

Changing Earth: The Darling Scarp is designed to explore key concepts relating to the Year 9 Earth and Space Sciences component of the Australian Curriculum: Science. This geological journey begins with the formation of the Earth, and explores past, present, and future continental movement. It explains the geological processes that formed features in both local and global landscapes, including granite intrusions, dolerite dykes, and sand dune formations.

Utilising a format rich with imagery, video, and animation, Changing Earth: The Darling Scarp provides an interactive and engaging experience for all readers.

Additional Information

Requires an iPad or Apple Mac running OS 10.9 or later.

Australian Curriculum:
  • Year 9 > Science Understanding > Earth and Space Sciences > The theory of plate tectonics explains global patterns of geological activity... > ACSSU180