Hot or cold video

Hot or cold video
Publication Date: August, 2011
Type of Resource: Video/animation

This online resource is a short video about the difference between temperature and heat from the ABC television show Catalyst

The video shows interviews with various people on the street who are asked what feels warmer or colder: a book or a computer hard drive. Ideas are explored and the temperatures of both objects are revealed. Next, the same thing is done with a block of aluminium and a block of plastic to see which of the two objects melts an ice cube quicker ... can you work out why?

Australian Curriculum:
  • Year 8 > Science Inquiry Skills > Communicating > Communicate ideas, findings and evidence-based solutions to problems using... > ACSIS148
  • Year 8 > Science Inquiry Skills > Evaluating > Reflect on scientific investigations including evaluating the quality of the... > ACSIS146
  • Year 8 > Science Inquiry Skills > Processing and analysing data and information > Summarise data, from students’ own investigations and secondary sources, and... > ACSIS145
  • Year 8 > Science Inquiry Skills > Questioning and Predicting > Identify questions and problems that can be investigated scientifically and... > ACSIS139
  • Year 8 > Science Understanding > Physical Sciences > Energy appears in different forms including movement (kinetic energy), heat and... > ACSSU155