The Enhanced Greenhouse Effect

The Enhanced Greenhouse Effect
Publication Date: July, 2016
Type of Resource: Weblink

This online resource looks at human involvement in the Greenhouse Effect.

The resource provides information suitable for Year 9 and 10 students on the role of the Earth's Greenhouse Effect and the impact of human activities in enhancing the effect.

The web page provides a range of historical data sets for average global temperatures and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration. It also provides information about the range of greenhouse gases and examines the use of climate modelling in determining the causes and impacts of the enhanced Greenhouse Effect.

The short video and many links examine the arguments about the origins of climate change and the role of humans in driving climate change. Specific data debunking arguments that human activities do not play a significant role in increasing global temperatures is compelling.   

Additional Information

This resource is provided by NOVA, an Australian science communication website managed by the Australian Academy of Science. Nova provides interesting and accurate scientific information which is jargon free and readily available to both teachers and students. There is no need for registration to access the material on this website.