Science ASSIST Information Sheet: Chemical Storage (ventilation)

Science ASSIST Information Sheet: Chemical Storage (ventilation)
Publication Date: March, 2023
Type of Resource: Information Sheet

This information sheet is an updated review of the answers to the following questions, and replaces the previously published Q&As:

  • If the chemical store is a frequent work area in which the chemicals are made and dispensed, does this change the requirements for ventilation? Is there a difference in law for ventilation with regards to a work area full of chemicals as opposed to a chemical store?

  • What type of extractor fan should we have to ventilate our chemical storage cupboard? My understanding is that we have an Industrial Extractor fan but should we have a Chemical Store specific extractor fan?

  • Can you clarify if the exhaust fan in the chemical store should be regularly tested to ensure it is providing sufficient ventilation?

  • Ventilation in corrosives cupboard: Are there any regulations regarding ventilation in corrosives and flammable cupboards?