Adaptation (Evolution)


Biodiversity Study - Year 6 CLE

This online resource covers the concepts of environmental adaptation.

This online resource is an ASSIST Connected Learning Experience (CLE) designed to help teach Year 6 students the concepts of environmental adaptation.

Description:This investigation looks at how the physical conditions of an environment affect the growth and survival of living things as well as the biodiversity of the environment within the context of a comparative study of two local sites at a school.

Learning Intentions:

Students will be able to:

Turtle adaptations

This downloadable resource is worksheet on animal adaptation.

The worksheet is designed to illustrate the structural, behavioral and physiological adaptations of turtles that enable them to survive in their environment.

All data was collected by a biology teacher working in turtle conservation in Malaysia.

This worksheet can be used to illustrate a concept, or as an assessment tool.

Stickleback Evolution Virtual Lab

This online resource looks at the study of evolutionary processes.

The resource is a virtual lab that helps teach students the skills of data collection and analysis through the study of evolutionary processes.

It includes three experiments in which students collect and analyze data using photographs of living stickleback fish specimens and fossil specimens.

Survival - ScienceWeb

This online resource is a 5-lesson unit of work teaching students about the adaptations of plants and animals in desert and semi-arid regions.

The unit includes discussions, individual work, group tasks, and an investigation to develop an understanding of behavioural and structural adaptations that enable plants and animals to survive. Students design and conduct their own investigation using an investigation planner.

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