Earth structure


W.A.S.P. Year 6 – Geological changes

This online supports the Year 6 Earth and space science.

The resource is a teaching package that provides hands-on activities with teacher support materials to support the Year 6 Earth and space science components of the Australian Curriculum.

The activities are organised into six topics:

  1. What Lies Below?
  2. Volcanic Eruptions
  3. Earthquakes
  4. Tsunamis
  5. Droughts and Flooding Rains
  6. Managing Disasters Scientifically 

Look deep down into the Earth

This online resource looks at the nature and structure of the Earth.

The resource looks at the following questions regarding the Earth's nature and structure:
  • What is inside the Earth, deep below the surface?
  • Is it hot or cold; solid or liquid; hard or soft?
  • Why does the Earth experience earthquakes?

This ABC Splash video explains the three main layers that make up the Earth and how geological changes below the Earth's surface cause events such as volcanic eruptions and geysers.

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