Inquiry-based learning


CLE: Unpacking the Year 10 Egg Bungee Jump Connected Learning Experience

This online resource demonstrates the use of Connected Learning Experiences.

Kate Dilger, Science ASSIST Teacher Support Officer, 'unpacks' the Year 10 'Egg Bungee Jump' CLE (Connected Learning Experience) resource.

She outlines each of the components of this particular CLE package and describes their use in the classroom.

This video is an excerpt from Kate's workshop 'Science ASSIST—A STEM-based approach to investigating in science' delivered at CONASTA 65 in Brisbane July 2016.

Investigating Compost

This online resource illustrates teaching practice using the concepts involved with compost.

The resource is provided for teachers of younger years by AITSL (the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership) and includes a 5-minute video that depicts a teacher and his class making scientific observations to determine which materials can and cannot be used for composting.

Learn Chemistry - Problem Based Practical Activities

This online resource details 10 chemistry practical-related activities for later-year students.

Aimed at students aged 16–18 yrs, the activities are designed to develop their practical and independent study skills.

The activities are problem-based where the students must work in groups to apply their understanding of a concept as well as devise a solution to a practical problem set in a real-life context.

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