Moulds (Fungi)


Observing bread mould

Observing bread mould: Can we grow some mould on bread in a plastic bag and then open the bag to transfer some mould onto a glass slide, with glycerine and a coverslip to view under a microscope? Can we also transfer some onto an agar plate? We only have fume cupboards (no laminar flow cupboards) if that helps.

The dark world of fungi

This online resource could be used as an introduction to fungi.

The resource is a 5-minute video that teaches students about fungi and how their physical characteristics are related to the conditions of the environment.

The video addresses whether or not mushrooms are a plant, and discusses how mushrooms are classified. It also provides information on the types of mushrooms and moulds, how they reproduce, and how they are grown. It explains how mushrooms and moulds are used in society for food and medicine.

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