Weather watch - Foundation CLE

This online resource helps teach young students about the weather.

The resource is an ASSIST Connected Learning Experience (CLE) designed to help teach Foundation-year students about the weather.

Description: In this investigation, students investigate weather and how it affects them in the context of observing cloud formation, observing the effects of wind and describing changes in temperature.

Learning intentions

Students will be able to:

Weather Worksheet - Bureau of Meteorology

This worksheet investigates young students' understanding of weather.

This downloadable worksheet is aimed at Year 1 students and probes their prior knowledge about weather and their understandings of how they should respond to weather.

This worksheet defines the term 'weather' for younger students and has 7 tasks to which students may respond either by writing or through drawings and illustrations.

New Australian Curriculum Codes: AC9S1U02 (Year 1)

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