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A Bunsen burner showing the emission spectra of lithium
Publication Date: 15 July 2016

This downloadable ASSIST Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is for the setting up and demonstration of the flame test using a PET bottle as a demonstration rig.

Type of Resources: Standard Operating Procedure
Science ASSIST Logo
Publication Date: 31 July 2015

This downloadable document gives a list of chemicals recommended by Science ASSIST for use in Science in Australian schools.

Type of Resources: Laboratory Technician general information
Science ASSIST Logo
Publication Date: 15 May 2014

This downloadable document provides links to websites that support the proper use of chemicals in schools.

Type of Resources: Information Sheet

Safety Data Sheets: I'm wondering if there is a manuscript or booklet that contains all Safety Data Sheets for chemicals in schools, OR do I need to go to chemwatch to download the chemical SDSs fo

Publication Date: 08 May 2014
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