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Disinfecting Microscopes: I am looking for information to create a SOP (or something that Science assist can do for us?) for cleaning and disinfecting microscopes - what is the best and safest agen

Publication Date: 21 May 2020
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Oil Immersion lenses: Hi, We have just purchased microscopes that have oil immersion lenses and a small sample of oil.

Publication Date: 16 November 2015
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Cell diagram showing organelles
Publication Date: 10 December 2014

This online resource is a group of 5 lesson plans designed for the Australian Curriculum on the biology of living cells.

Type of Resources: Unit of Work
Australian Curriculum:
  • Year 8 > Science Inquiry Skills > Communicating > Communicate ideas, findings and evidence-based solutions to problems using... > ACSIS148
  • Year 8 > Science Inquiry Skills > Evaluating > Reflect on scientific investigations including evaluating the quality of the... > ACSIS146
  • Year 8 > Science Inquiry Skills > Planning and conducting > Collaboratively and individually plan and conduct a range of investigation... > ACSIS140
  • Year 8 > Science Inquiry Skills > Processing and analysing data and information > Construct and use a range of representations, including graphs, keys and models... > ACSIS144
  • Year 8 > Science Inquiry Skills > Questioning and Predicting > Identify questions and problems that can be investigated scientifically and... > ACSIS139
  • Year 8 > Science Understanding > Biological Sciences > Cells are the basic units of living things and have specialised structures and... > ACSSU149
  • Year 8 > Science as a Human Endeavour > Nature and development of science > Science knowledge can develop through collaboration across the disciplines of... > ACSHE226
  • Year 8 > Science as a Human Endeavour > Use and influence of science > People use science understanding and skills in their occupations and these have... > ACSHE136