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Publication Date: 04 April 2016

This online resource pack covers all aspects of the Year 4 Earth and Space Science.

Type of Resources: Unit of Work
Australian Curriculum:
  • Year 4 > Science Inquiry Skills > Planning and conducting > With guidance, plan and conduct scientific investigations to find answers to... > ACSIS065
  • Year 4 > Science Inquiry Skills > Processing and analysing data and information > Use a range of methods including tables and simple column graphs to represent... > ACSIS068
  • Year 4 > Science Inquiry Skills > Questioning and Predicting > With guidance, identify questions in familiar contexts that can be investigated... > ACSIS064
  • Year 4 > Science Understanding > Earth and Space Sciences > Earth’s surface changes over time as a result of natural processes and human... > ACSSU075
  • Year 4 > Science as a Human Endeavour > Nature and development of science > Science involves making predictions and describing patterns and relationships > ACSHE061
  • Year 4 > Science as a Human Endeavour > Use and influence of science > Science knowledge helps people to understand the effect of their actions > ACSHE062
Cartoon of a penguin on an ice floe
Publication Date: 31 August 2014

This article provides an analogy for radioactive decay.

It features snippets from a teacher who discusses how he uses popcorn as a visual analogy for radioactive decay.

Type of Resources: Weblink
Australian Curriculum:
  • Year 10 > Science Understanding > Biological Sciences > The theory of evolution by natural selection explains the diversity of living... > ACSSU185
  • Year 9 > Science Understanding > Chemical Sciences > All matter is made of atoms which are composed of protons, neutrons and... > ACSSU177
  • Year Senior Secondary > Science Understanding > Biological Sciences