Make it move - Year F CLE

In this investigation, younger students observe and compare the movement of various common toys.

Learning intentions

Students will be able to:

  • identify and describe ways in which objects move;
  • observe, share and reflect on ways in which objects move;
  • respond to questions about familiar objects and events such as, the ways in which objects move;
  • observe and compare the ways different-sized objects move;
  • engage in discussions about observations;
  • use methods such as drawing to represent ideas.

Pushing and Pulling

This online resource is a series of Flash-based interactives intended to support the learning of early years students when investigating the effect of pushing and pulling on stationary objects.

This interactive learning object consists of four major parts.

1. Starter activity—students identify who is pushing, who is puilling and which items can be pushed and pulled.

2. Main session—students explore the effect of the strength of a push on an object and how far it will travel.

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