Rock cycle

Rock Cycle Interactive

This online resource is an interactive simulation which traces the path of a rock from the time it is formed in a lava flow through the cycle of weathering, erosion, deposition and lithification.

All the processes are explained through a variety of interactive callouts using animations. This includes crystallisation and the partial melting which accompanies metamorphism.

Hyperlinks to photos also show a variety of landforms produced by a number of different erosional agents.

Rock Cycle

This online resource is an interactive website where students can learn all about rocks and geology: the science of rocks.

They can learn how rocks can be identified, how they are formed, and how they change over time.

Students can also learn how to identify the three major kinds of rocks and learn how to tell them apart.

They can also learn what kind of changes can happen to rocks, and about the processes that cause these changes.

Interactive rock cycle

This online resource is a website that explains the rock cycle in detail, with students required to identify and classify different rock types.

There are also animations demonstrating how some of the different rock types form through pressure and the heating and cooling of rocks.

The interactive part of this website includes a ‘test your skills’ section.

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