Science by doing

Doing Science Investigations: Student Guide - Science by Doing

This online resource helps develop skills for science investigations.

The resource is a general unit of work suitable for all years of high school that can be used to help students develop the skills necessary to complete their own open-ended science investigations.

These skills are directly related to the Science Inquiry Skills found in the Australian Curriculum: Science and supports the CSIRO CREativity in Science and Technology (CREST) program.

Planting the Seeds of Science

An online resource to get younger kids thinking about the differences between day and night.

This online resource is a downloadable PDF containing modules of work around the themes of the environment, astronomy, forensic science, cleanliness and solar energy and how they relate to the day–night cycle.

As an example, one part of this resource deals with how children relate and build on their experiences of daytime light and night-time dark (e.g., is the grass still green at night?).

Rock, paper, scissors - Science by Doing

This online resource explores the properties of matter.

This resource is an inquiry-based learning sequence of hands-on activities, digital interactives, animations and videos that cover materials, properties, the periodic table and elements, states of matter, the kinetic theory of matter, compounds, mixtures and alloys. It also examines physical and chemical reactions with rust as a case study.

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