Homeostasis - Osmoregulation

Homeostasis - Osmoregulation: I am looking for an interesting and unique experiment relating to osmoregulation/salt-water balance.

Does anyone have any ideas or  a prac they have used before?

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Publication Date: 25 February 2015
Asked By: Anonymous
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Homeostasis - Osmoregulation

The experiment from this website has been tried and works well: https://practicalbiology.org/exchange-of-materials/osmosis/investigating...

The experiment involves identifying how much Ribena needs to be diluted before it becomes isotonic to potato cubes.

Students then do their own investigation with a fluid of their own choice (i.e., lemonade, orange juice, etc.) to determine the correct dilution to give to a dehydrated child (i.e., with the same solute concentration as the potatoes).

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