Teaching Science Resource Reviews

This online resource is a source of reviews for science teaching-related resources.

Taken from the pages of the Australian Science Teachers Association's peer-reviewed academic journal Teaching Science, these reviews are by teacher practitioners and recognised authorities on science and the pedagogy of teaching science in an Australian context.

What Drives Plate Tectonics Worksheet

This downloadable resource looks at verifying the movement of tectonic plates.

The resources include a worksheet whereby students use various online resources to determine the speed of movement of tectonic plates across the surface of the Earth (a separate copy with example answers is also provided). A copy of the original article on which these worksheets are based is also provided to act as teacher notes for the activity.

Density of Lithosphere and Mantle Rocks Experiment

This downloadable resource involves an activity that investigates the densities of rocks.

The resources include a worksheet detailing an experiment to measure the densities of rock samples from the lithosphere and mantle to verify that 'slab pull' is the dominant force driving the movement of tectonic plates (a separate copy with example answers is also provided) along with teacher notes in the form of an original published article.

Living and non-living things - ScienceWeb

This online resource is a unit of work that teaches about living and non-living things, in both indoor and outdoor environments. 

Activities include: developing a definition of living and non-living, observation of the developmental changes in a range of life cycles, and the impact of other factors, including environmental. 

Students consider the importance of biodiversity and make recommendations about improving biodiversity within their school grounds.

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