Backyard Explorers - Leader's Guide

Backyard Explorers - Leader's Guide
Publication Date: April, 2008
Type of Resource: Teacher background info

This booklet helps with the teaching of biodiversity.

The resource was developed by the Queensland Museum as part of the Wild Backyard's program and focuses on local environments, such as backyards or school grounds.

The guide provides a range of materials for teachers including: information on biodiversity, constructing research questions, conducting field studies, setting insect traps and identifying types of insects. The guide also provides facts, diagrams, photos, hints and tips on how best to implement such a unit into your class/school and also provides links to and details about other resources available to further assist with its implementation.

The guide also provides teachers with ways to implement these studies for different year levels and is best used in conjunction with the Backyard Explorers—User Guide (for students).

Australian Curriculum v9 Codes: AC9S4U01 (Year 4), AC9S6U01 (Year 6), AC9S7U01 (Year 7), AC9S7U02 (Year 7)

Australian Curriculum:
  • Year 6 > Science Understanding > Biological Sciences > The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical... > ACSSU094
  • Year 7 > Science Understanding > Biological Sciences > Classification helps organise the diverse group of organisms > ACSSU111
  • Year 7 > Science Understanding > Biological Sciences > Interactions between organisms, including the effects of human activities, can... > ACSSU112
  • Year 9 > Science Understanding > Biological Sciences > Ecosystems consist of communities of interdependent organisms and abiotic... > ACSSU176