Invertebrate Key

Invertebrate Key
Publication Date: January, 2014
Type of Resource: Interactive/Simulation

This interactive dichotomous key looks at the classification of invertebrates.

The resource is from CSIRO entomology. It is simple to use and enables users to work towards the identification of insects according to their observable features.

Once a particular invertebrate has been chosen, it includes information about their life characteristics, feeding, habitat, and life cycle.

The site also provides links to information about studying invertebrates as well as collecting and preserving them.

This resource would be best used in conjunction with a unit on biodiversity and/or insects and is a companion to the Queensland Museum's Backyard Explorer resources.

New Australian Curriculum 9 Codes: AC9S1U01 (Year 1), AC9S3U01 (Year 3), AC9S5U01 (Year 5), AC9S7U01 (Year 7)

Australian Curriculum:
  • Year 3 > Science Understanding > Biological Sciences > Compare characteristics of living and non-living things and examine the... > AC9S3U01
  • Year 4 > Science Understanding > Biological Sciences > Living things depend on each other and the environment to survive > ACSSU073
  • Year 5 > Science Understanding > Biological Sciences > Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them to... > ACSSU043
  • Year 6 > Science Understanding > Biological Sciences > The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical... > ACSSU094
  • Year 7 > Science Understanding > Biological Sciences > Classification helps organise the diverse group of organisms > ACSSU111