Corn for Fuel

Corn for Fuel
Publication Date: March, 2009
Type of Resource: Lesson Plan

This online resource examines the different variables that affect plant growth.

The resource contains teacher background notes, worksheets and step-by-step instructions for a long-term student activity investigating the growth of corn plants to be used as a biofuel.


Australian Curriculum:
  • Year 6 > Science Inquiry Skills > Planning and conducting > Decide which variable should be changed and measured in fair tests and... > ACSIS104
  • Year 6 > Science Inquiry Skills > Planning and conducting > Identify, plan and apply the elements of scientific investigations to answer... > ACSIS103
  • Year 6 > Science Inquiry Skills > Questioning and Predicting > With guidance, pose clarifying questions and make predictions about scientific... > ACSIS232
  • Year 6 > Science Understanding > Biological Sciences > The growth and survival of living things are affected by the physical... > ACSSU094
  • Year 6 > Science as a Human Endeavour > Use and influence of science > Scientific knowledge is used to solve problems and inform personal and... > ACSHE220