Push-Pull - Primary Connections

Push-Pull - Primary Connections
Publication Date: July, 2012
Type of Resource: Unit of Work

This unit of work introduces younger students to the concept of forces.

The resource details ways of engaging younger students when learning about forces by investigating moving toys, floating and sinking, air and flight.

It provides advice and details activities designed to involve students in investigating how a push or a pull moves an object.

It includes 8 lesson plans, student worksheets and other resources that will support its implementation.

New Australian Curriculum Codes: AC9S1U03 (Year 1)

Additional Information

Primary Connections is a program developed by the Australian Academy of Science and is freely available to Australian educators through the National Digital Learning Resources Network via either the Scootle website or your local jurisdictional portal. This process requires registration on one of these sites and you will be asked to log in to access these resources.

Refer to your school science resources to determine if your school has access to the Primary Connections materials. If your school does not have access to the PrimaryConnections resources visit the Australian Academy of Science's Primary Connection website to find out more about the program. http://primaryconnections.org.au

Australian Curriculum:
  • Year 2 > Science Understanding > Physical Sciences > A push or a pull affects how an object moves or changes shape > ACSSU033