CLE: 'Maths in the Penguin Project' CLE video

CLE: 'Maths in the Penguin Project' CLE video
Publication Date: November, 2016
Type of Resource: Video/animation

This online resource addresses some of the mathematics involved our CLEs.

The resource is a video where Adrian Dilger, Numeracy Consultant at the Catholic Education Office SA, identifies the links to the Australian Curriculum: Maths in the following CLEs: Weather watch (yr F), Sound and hearing (yr 1), The Penguin Project (yr 3), Magnetism and electrostatics (yr 4) and Biodiversity study (yr6).

Adrian then gives classroom examples of 'The Penguin Project in action' with a class in Adelaide. This video is an except from Adrian's workshop 'Measurement in science, what's the big idea in the primary years' at CONASTA 65, Brisbane, July 2016.