Chemical Management Handbook for Australian Schools - Edition 3

Chemical Management Handbook for Australian Schools - Edition 3
Publication Date: November, 2018
Type of Resource: Laboratory Technician general information

The Chemical Management Handbook was developed by Science ASSIST in recognition of a need for guidance on the safe handling, storage and waste disposal of chemicals in schools. The Handbook provides information on most of the chemicals in the Science ASSIST List of Recommended Chemicals in the form of a one page summary per chemical, which covers safe handling, storage and first aid, and waste disposal procedures.

Chemicals that are currently in the List of recommended chemicals and have been omitted from this handbook are either non-hazardous or low hazard and used only infrequently, or their safe handling has been covered elsewhere by Science ASSIST.

For a few of the chemicals, an additional Laboratory Notes page is included, giving more detailed directions for solution preparation and/or waste disposal. For some chemicals, the individual summaries are in abbreviated form with other information provided as generic for the group.

The summary pages are arranged alphabetically in the document, and can also be accessed via the bookmarks which are ordered according to chemical group.

Edition 3 (uploaded November 2018) is the latest edition of the Chemical Management Handbook. The Handbook is now complete.

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