Redox Reduxed

Redox Reduxed
Publication Date: October, 2020
Type of Resource: Practical activity/investigation

These downloadable resources investigate oxidation states.

The linked resources are adjuncts to the paper 'Redox reduxed: Application of a non-analogous definition for oxidation state' published in the September 2020 issue of ASTA's peer-reviewed Teaching Science journal (i.e., Issue 66.3). The paper, the abstract of which appears in the additional information field, investigates redox reactions and electrochemistry and the downloadable file named 'Appendix B - Redox and Electrochemistry Investigation' gives the details for a student investigation into the subject.

Teacher notes, a glossary of terms and example answers for the investigation are also provided.

Additional Information


Learning about redox and electrochemistry in senior secondary school science has long been recognised as both impenetrable to many students and problematic for teachers. A significant barrier to understanding this area of learning has been the apparent exclusive use of implicit analogous definitions for the foundation concept of an oxidation state. Absence of an explicit definition for what oxidation state is has resulted in many students applying their knowledge of redox and electrochemistry as cue-based procedural knowledge exclusively, thereby preventing meaningful application and extension into new contexts for students. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) recognised the need for a definition of oxidation state that was neither circular nor rule bound. Recent IUPAC recommendations to define what oxidation state is, rather than what it is like, points to improved curriculum design in electrochemical education.


Drew, J. (2020). Redox reduxed: Applications of a non-analogous definition for oxidation state. Teaching Science, 66(3).