Mendelian inheritance


Investigating patterns of inheritance - Year 10 CLE

This CLE covers the topic of genetic inheritance.

The resource is a Connected Learning Experience developed by Science ASSIST to help Year 10 teachers teach the concept of genetic inheritance to their students.

It also includes examples of how the investigations and activities can be adjusted to cater for gifted and talented students.

Description: In this investigation, the inheritance of single gene traits will be investigated using animal and plant examples.

Learning intentions

Using genetic crosses to analyse stickleback traits

This online resource explores Mendelian genetics.

The resource gives details for a hands-on activity where Mendelian genetics are used to analyse the results of genetic crosses between stickleback fish with different traits.

Students use photos of actual research specimens (the F1 and F2 cards) to obtain their data; they then analyse the data they collected along with additional data from the scientific literature.

Australian Curriculum v9 Codes: AC9S10U01 (Year 10)

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