On the move - Primary Connections

This online teaching introduces younger students to movement and motion.

The resource details ways of engaging and supporting Foundation Year students when learning about the concepts of movement and motion.

This inquiry-based unit provides advice on conducting investigations into moving toys, ways of moving and body parts that move.

It includes 7 lesson plans, student worksheets and other resources that support its implementation.

Everybody's doing the loco-MOTION!

This online resource is an introduction to the concepts of motion.

The resource is a 3-minute video suitable for students at Foundation Year level. It shows vehicles and animals moving in different ways.

This video could be used to support students when learning about movement. It includes the transcript of the audio and provides helpful guidance for teachers with a set of sound discussion questions to pose to students at each of the following stages:

  1. Before viewing,
  2. As you view,
  3. After viewing,
  4. Next steps.

Different types of motion

This downloadable student activity investigates velocity and acceleration.

The resource is an MS Word document that details a practical activity that focuses on investigating constant velocity and accelerated motion using ticker timers and dynamics trolleys in the laboratory.

The resource can also be used as student worksheets for the activity.

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