Nonrenewable resources


Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's to the Mine we Go

This resource deals with the non-renewable mineral resources.

The resource is a lesson plan that focuses on the difficulties of resource extraction and how it becomes more difficult over time.

The resource includes student worksheets, a step-by-step teacher guide and sample results.

New Australian Curriculum 9 Codes: AC9S3U02 (Year 3), AC9S8U04 (Year 8)

Oil and water - Year 7 W.A.S.P.

This online resource looks at renewable and non-renewable resources.

The resource is a teaching package that provides hands-on activities, with teacher support materials, to support the Year 7 Earth and space science and chemical sciences components of the Australian Curriculum.

The activities are organised into three topics:

  1. Renewable and non-renewable resources,
  2. Water as A renewable resource, and
  3. Oil and gas as non-renewable resources

Australian Curriculum v9 Codes: AC9S7U05 (Year 7), AC9S7U06 (Year 7)

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