Properties of matter


Is there too much air in chip packets? - Year 5 CLE

In this investigation, students explore the properties of gases and liquids. They will follow instructions to predict the effect of changing a variable when planning an investigation. They will use equipment in safe ways and improve the accuracy of their results. Students will construct a table to organise data. They will compare their data with their predictions and describe the fairness of the investigation.

This CLE is aimed at enhancing a unit already being taught on the properties of solids, liquids and gases.

What's it made of? PrimaryConnections

This online resource details ways of supporting and engaging Foundation Year students when learning about the properties of different materials.

This inquiry-based unit outlines tasks and activities that promote the use of the students' senses when exploring, describing, comparing, naming and classifying a range of materials. It includes 6 lesson plans, teacher background information and student worksheets that support its implementation.

Air—Is it really there?

This online resource helps develop an understanding of the properties of gases.

The resource details some simple experiments to help students develop an understanding of the properties of the mixture of gases they are most familiar with: the air around us.

By watching and performing these several simple experiments, students gain an understanding of the following properties of air: it has mass, it takes up space, it can move, it exerts pressure, it can do work.

Engineering Connection

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