Solar System


Space explorers - Year 5 CLE

This online resource teaches about the planets in the solar system.

The resource is an ASSIST Connected Learning Experience (CLE) to help teach Year 5 students about the planets in the solar system.

Description: In this investigation, students research, collect and use data about the planets in our solar system, in order to assess their suitability for human settlement.

Learning intentions

Students will be able to:

Solar System – Year 5 W.A.S.P.

This online resource about the Solar System is for Year 5.

The resource is a teaching package that provides hands-on activities with teacher support materials to help with the teaching of the Year 5 Earth and space science components of the Australian Curriculum that deal with the Solar System.

The activities are organised into five topics:

Solar System and Space Exploration - NASA

This online resource allows students to explore the Solar System.

Students can engage with images, videos and podcasts to explore the Solar System and learn about the Sun, Moon and the planets. They can also learn about the unique characteristics of each planet and their distance from the Sun.

The resource also allows students to explore information about meteors, asteroids and comets and how these objects travel through the solar system.

Australian Curriculum v9 Codes: AC9S2U01 (Year 2), AC9S6U02 (Year 6), AC9S7U03 (Year 7) 

Distance to the sun

This downloadable resource is an activity to determine the distance to the Sun.

In this activity, students use an image of the Sun to determine its distance from the Earth using mathematics.

The ratio of distance to the width of the image is used to obtain an experimental value for the distance to the Sun, which students can compare to the known value.

This activity introduces the idea of sources of error and allows students to make a percentage error calculation based on their result.

Australian Curriculum v9 Codes: AC9S10U03 (Year 10)

Earth’s Place in Space - Primary Connections

This unit of work covers Earth's place in the Solar System.

In the resource, students learn about how historical astronomers made their discoveries, including finding out that the Earth is a sphere and its relationship to the Moon and Sun.

Students also explore how the patterns in the sky relate to days, months and years and develop an understanding of how observation and models can be used to shape ideas and understandings through hands-on activities and student-planned investigations.

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