Animal habitats

Garden detective: Australian garden

This online resource is a game that simulates an Australian garden.

The resource is an interactive game that allows users to investigate the ecology of an average Australian garden.

Students can explore, find, collect, read about and classify a range of creatures commonly found in an Australian garden, including: crickets, wasps, slaters, ants, and dragonflies. In all there are 24 creatures to find.

Frogs of the Adelaide Mt Lofty Region

This online resource looks at frogs and their habitat.

The resource is an educational web page that concentrates on the native frogs of the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges region.

It has information about frog habitat requirements, photographs of frogs, and the frog calls of eight different species.

Australian Curriculum v9 Codes: AC9S5U01 (Year 5), AC9S6U01 (Year 6)

Old Bernie's Pond

This interactive simulation introduces the concepts of habitat management.

The resource is a Scootle interactive that teaches students how people's actions can have positive and negative impacts on the health of a water environment.

Students learn about the effects of pollution and introduced species, and take positive action to restore the health of a pond by planting native species and removing sources of pollution.

New Australian Curriculum 9 Codes: AC9S6U01 (Year 6)

Classroom Antarctica

This resource collection provides information on Antarctica and its wildlife.

Students can also access information from scientists on the processes involved in the Southern Ocean ecosystems and the Antarctic climate.

They can access interviews and images to gain an understanding of the exploration and history of Antarctica along with the activities associated with its environmental management and treaty law.

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