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Home activities for students: Can you suggest some activities that are suitable to be conducted at home?

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Publication Date: 02 April 2020
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Answer by labsupport on question Home activities for students

Answer updated 18 January 2023

Science ASSIST has developed a range of Connected Learning Experiences for different year levels linked to the Australian Curriculum: Science.

The list below would be the most suitable for teachers to draw from for at home activities for their students:

Science ASSIST recommends that teachers carefully choose the activities from the Teaching and Learning Plan because not all of them would work successfully at home depending on the age group. However, all of the listed CLEs have elements that are ideal for independent learning.


Connected Learning Experiences (CLEs) are curriculum resources designed to support teachers implement learning experiences linked to the Australian Curriculum: Science that embody an inquiry approach to scientific investigations of natural phenomena.

CLEs are comprehensive resources providing teacher background information, lesson plans, digital resources such as video clips and interactive simulations, student workbooks and support for assessment of student learning outcomes.

To see the complete range of CLEs with links to the Connected Learning Experiences (CLEs) showing the relevant year level and the Australian Curriculum: Science Strand, see Quick links for Connected Learning Experiences

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