CLE: Unpacking the Year 10 Egg Bungee Jump Connected Learning Experience

Kate Dilger, Science ASSIST Teacher Support Officer, 'unpacks' the Year 10 'Egg Bungee Jump' CLE (Connected Learning Experience) resource.

She outlines each of the components of this particular CLE package and describes their use in the classroom.

This video is an excerpt from Kate's workshop 'Science ASSIST—A STEM-based approach to investigating in science' delivered at CONASTA 65 in Brisbane July 2016.

Feeding relationships - Year 7 CLE

This online resource is a Science ASSIST Connected Learning Experience (CLE) to help teach Year 7 students about the connected nature of ecosystems and the flow of energy through them.

Description: In this investigation, students explore and develop models of food chains and food webs to represent and analyse the flow of energy through ecosystems and explore the impact of changing components within these systems.

Learning intentions

Students will be able to:

Indigenous spinning tops - Year 2 CLE

Description: In this investigation, students explore how push/pull forces can be applied to make an object move, in the context of spinning tops. They observe characteristics of successful spinners, and notice how a force is applied to set them in motion, or to make them stop.

Learning intentions

Students will be able to:


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