AIS: Footwear in a school science laboratory

This downloadable document provides information regarding appropriate footwear in the school science laboratory.

It is important that schools have a set of ‘laboratory rules’ established for the school science department that apply to all people entering the science laboratory including: students, teachers and technicians.

These rules should include required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that includes appropriate footwear.

AIS: Links — Physical sciences safety

This downloadable PDF provides links to national and state-specific support materials for compliance with health and safety legislation while teaching the physical sciences in schools.

Areas covered include:

  • the use of equipment,
  • radioactive sources,
  • licensing,
  • Australian Standards, and
  • non-government organisations supporting the physical sciences in schools.

AIS: Links — Licensing requirements

This downloadable PDF provides links to national and state-specific information on licensing and compliance for school science facilities.

Areas covered include:

  • the use and care of animals,
  • the use of flora and fauna,
  • the use and storage of chemicals,
  • the handling of biological material, and
  • the handling and storage of radioactive material.

AIS: Links — Biological sciences safety

This downloadable PDF has links to documentation concerning health and safety legislation for the procurement, handling and disposal of biological materials; animal ethics and associated licensing.

The links to legislation are both nationally and state specific. There are also links to Australian Standards and non-government organisations that support biological science in schools.

Updated November 2015.

AIS: Labels for school science chemicals

This downloadable resource is a summary of the requirements for labelling chemicals in schools across Australia.

The document takes into account the new requirements under the harmonised Work Health and Safety legislation, where this has been enacted.  Aspects of the new legislation as they specifically relate to labelling requirements in schools are described, with links to the relevant legislation and codes of practice.


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