Variable resistance

A downloadable resource to help teach students about variable resistors.

The resource is a student practical activity where students examine the properties of variable resistors by making one of their own.

In the activity, students create a variable resistor using a shaded-in 'box' drawn with a 'lead' pencil (graphite really) and use it in series with a Light Emitting Diode (LED) to control the amount of light emitted by the LED.

The document contains student instructions and questions to answer.

Teacher notes are provided on page 2 of the document.

Short circuits

This downloadable resource allows students to experience an electrical short circuit safely.

The resource details a student practical activity that enables students to cause, and investigate the effects of, a short circuit in a low power situation.

The students assemble a simple circuit consisting of a power supply and a light globe. They then temporarily short out the light globe and observe what happens.

The activity includes questions for students to answer.


This downloadable resource details a student activity for building a model fuse.

Students build a simple fuse out of cork, 2 pins and fuse wire and connect it to a light globe in a simple circuit. They then short out the globe and observe what happens to the fuse.

The resource includes questions for students to answer after conducting the activity. 

Investigating contact and non-contact forces

These downloadable resources explore contact and non-contact forces.

The resources are MS Word documents that detail investigations to help younger students explore non-contact forces (e.g., magnetism and gravity) and contact forces (e.g., friction and air resistance).

These forces are investigated through three activities: balloon rockets, magnet strength, and a rolling car.

The documents also include support materials and the appropriate links to the Australian Curriculum: Science.


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