SOP: Performing an eye dissection

This downloadable resource is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and detailed method, including photographs, of how to perform an eye dissection.

The accompanying example risk assessment should be used as a guide only, and users should consider risks and safety measures in their local environment before proceeding.

Updated August 2016

Genetics investigation

This downloadable resource details an activity involving Mendelian inheritance.

The resource is an MS Word document containing the details for an activity in which students investigate the result of crossing two plants heterozygous for pigment.

This investigation:

  • requires students to predict the outcomes of crosses between two heterozygous plants based on what they have learnt about inheritance, and
  • demonstrates how large sample sizes increase the validity of results in an investigation.

Mixing and separating - ScienceWeb

This online resource allows students to investigate different mixtures and separation techniques.

The students will apply their understanding of separation techniques to their daily lives. Students will also consider how people in different occupations use separation techniques. Students will explore the water cycle and investigate how humans have mimicked natural separation techniques to produce clean water for drinking. They will also consider the need for sustainability of water. 

Distance to the sun

This downloadable resource is an activity where students determine the distance to the Sun.

In this activity students use an image of the Sun to determine its distance from the Earth using mathematics.

The ratio of distance to the width of the image is used to obtain an experimental value for the distance to the Sun, which students can compare to the known value.

This activity introduces the idea of sources of error and allows students to make a percentage error calculation based on their result.


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