Pushing and pulling

Pushing and pulling
Publication Date: January, 2013
Type of Resource: Interactive/Simulation

This Scootle resource is an interactive challenge for Foundation Year students and requires them to make decisions about the force needed to move a range of animals across a bridge. It explores pushes and pulls as forces that can move an object that is at rest.

Additional Information

This resource represents forces in terms of 'monkey-power' and asks students to use monkeys to push or pull a cart carrying animals. It provides feedback, with scaffolding, for correct and incorrect student choices. Students can choose from three levels of difficulty. This interactive supports learning about pushes and pulls as forces that can move an object. Visuals and verbal instructions are clearly presented. A ‘View’ button leads directly to the challenge while a ‘Details’ button provides useful teacher curriculum support.

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Australian Curriculum:
  • Year Foundation > Science Understanding > Physical Sciences > The way objects move depends on a variety of factors, including their size and... > ACSSU005