Fundamental forces


Magnetism and electrostatics - Year 4 CLE

This online resource helps teach about non-contact forces.

The resource is an ASSIST Connected Learning Experience (CLE) designed to help teach Year 4s about non-contact forces.

Description: In this investigation, non-contact forces are investigated in the context of magnetism and electrostatic electricity to show that some forces can move objects without directly touching them.

Learning intentions

Students will be able to:

How do things fall?

This online resource refutes the misconception that heavier objects fall faster.

By close observation of falling objects, students will see that it is the amount of air resistance, not the weight of an object, that determines how quickly an object falls.

A downloadable worksheet is available for students to record their results and answer questions.

Plenty of background information is provided for teachers to make this a very thorough lesson.

Answers to questions posed to students are given throughout the lesson plan in brackets.

Magnetism: A non-contact force

This online resource investigates magnetism.

The resource provides strategies for teaching younger students about magnetism as a non-contact force.

Magnets pull or push on objects without touching them. The underpinning science concepts include:

  • Magnets are only attracted to a few ‘magnetic’ metals and not all matter,
  • Magnets are attracted to and repel other magnets.
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