Science ASSIST Information Sheet: Chemical Labels

All chemicals that are classified as hazardous according to the GHS must be labelled accordingly. This information sheet addresses the following topics:

How can schools ensure that their chemical labels are compliant with the GHS for

  • decanted chemicals?
  • solutions prepared on site?
  • household chemicals which are used in practical classes? and
  • chemicals which were purchased before the GHS was implemented and those labelled according to GHS 3?

Wildlife camera

Wildlife Camera in School: We are considering using a wildlife camera that senses movement and then records a few minutes of video footage. It would be placed in a treed area on the school grounds overnight. Our aim is to capture footage of nocturnal animals for our ecology topics. Are there any regulations or restrictions that we should be aware of?

Licence to purchase chemicals

Licence to purchase chemicals: Hi - I've had a few Year 11 students (Occ Health & Safety topic) ask about licences for chemicals held in schools, specifically the Science Dept. I had a vague notion the WA Catholic Education Office or WA Education Department owned an umbrella type licence for schools, however I wasn't sure. I know we need specific licences or special requests for certain chemicals but am not sure for general chemicals. Can you clear this question for me and the students?

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