Energy Chains: Making Electricity

Energy Chains: Making Electricity
Publication Date: January, 2014
Type of Resource: Interactive/Simulation

This online interactive helps Year 6 students learn about energy conversion.

The resource is a Scootle interactive learning object suitable for Year 6 students learning about energy conversion.

It specifically deals with the generation and use of electricity.

Australian Curriculum v9 Codes: AC9S6U03 (Year 6), AC9S8U05 (Year 8)

Additional Information

This Scootle interactive learning object enables students to construct 6 energy chain models. Students are able to select from a range of energy sources and choose energy converters that match. Students may opt to examine the the type of energy change that occurs in each converter. Students arrange the converters into the correct chain so that energy can be delivered as electricity.

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This resource is based on the Flash technology and therefore won't run on the Apple iPad, which doesn't support this technology.

Australian Curriculum:
  • Year 6 > Science Understanding > Physical Sciences > Electrical energy can be transferred and transformed in electrical circuits and... > ACSSU097
  • Year 8 > Science Understanding > Physical Sciences > Energy appears in different forms including movement (kinetic energy), heat and... > ACSSU155