Energy conversion


Forms of energy - Year 8 CLE

The CLE investigates the transformation of energy to different forms.

Description: In this investigation, different forms of energy and how they can be transformed from one form to another are investigated through examining the transformations involved in hydroelectricity. Students explore common ‘energy transformation’ devices and recognise that not all energy transformations are useful.

Learning intentions

Students will be able to:

Energy chains: energy use

This online resources look at the energy transformations in our electricity supply.

The resource is a Scootle interactive learning object suitable for Year 6 students and not only covers the energy transformations that occur in the supplying of the electricity that comes out of a household wall socket, but also looks at how energy is lost during the transmission of this energy from it source to the user.

Light, Sound, Action - Science by Doing

This online resource investigates the wave and particle models of energy transfer.

The resource is an inquiry-based learning sequence that covers energy transfer through different mediums using the wave and particle models. It includes hands-on activities, digital interactives, animations and videos.

The resource also examines what is a model, electromagnetic transmission, electricity and how sound is transmitted through a medium.

Students experience fieldwork and learn how to develop a scientific argument.

The energy story

This online resource covers the many types of renewable and non-renewable energy.

The interactive resource allows students to work through a progressive series of activities covering the many different types of renewable and non-renewable energy in simple but effective language.

It also discusses the types of energy and energy dissipation.

Each section finishes with a discussion and quiz questions, and there is a final energy quiz at the end.

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