Climate Science: What You Need to Know

This online resource is a short video presenting the facts regarding climate change.

The video examines the science of climate change and summarises the evidence that climate change is happening and that human activities are driving climate change. It debunks arguments used by climate change skeptics and provides clear scientific explanations to refute those arguments.

Learn Chemistry - Problem Based Practical Activities

This online resource is a collection of 10 chemistry practical-related activities for students aged 16–18 yrs designed to develop their practical and independent study skills.

The activities follow a problem-based approach to laboratory instruction, in which the students must work in groups to apply their understanding of a concept to devise a solution to a practical problem set in a real-life context.

Rock Cycle Interactive

This online resource demonstrates the Earth's rock cycle.

The resource is an interactive simulation that traces the path of a rock from the time it is formed in a lava flow through the cycle of weathering, erosion, deposition and lithification.

All the processes are explained through a variety of interactive callouts using animations. This includes crystallisation and the partial melting which accompanies metamorphism.

Hyperlinks to photos also show a variety of landforms produced by a number of different erosional agents.

Australia's Mineral Resources

This online resource is a Flash-based interactive that allows students to explore Australia's mineral wealth by tracing the origins and distribution of the country's extensive mineral resources.

The interactive examines the exploration process and explores different mining methods and the processing of ores. Environmental issues relating to the management and rehabilitation of mine sites and the range of uses for minerals in everyday life are also investigated.

Lighting the slums of the Philippines

This online resource shows a household demonstration of the refraction of light.

The resource is a 2-minute video concerning how light travels and can be bent using simple technology.

In the slums of a neighbourhood in the Philippines, the houses are so close together that they get very little natural light. A Filipino man uses a recycled PET bottle filled with water and a little bleach to solve the problem.

Gets an Earful - Scholastic's The Magic School Bus

This online resource helps young students learn how to distinguish sounds.

The resource is a listening game for Year 1 students where they are required to match each 'mystery' sound with its source.

This interactive learning object is suitable for early years students to use independently. There are several rounds of games that contain a range of sounds.

Each audio sound source is also represented pictorially. 


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