Testing scientific claims about physical fitness

This online resource allows students to investigate scientific claims related to physical fitness.

The resource has student worksheets and teacher resources available for an investigation into examining scientific claims related to physical fitness.

Students collect first-hand data and go through a process of peer review to examine a claim relating to the data.

Second-hand data is then offered to help in the examination of new claims. Students are led through the process of analysing the data. 

Rock Cycle

This online resource has general information about the rock cycle.

The resource is an interactive website where students can learn all about rocks and geology: the science of rocks.

They can learn how rocks can be identified, how they are formed, and how they change over time.

Students can also learn how to identify the three major kinds of rocks and learn how to tell them apart.

They can also learn what kind of changes can happen to rocks, and about the processes that cause these changes.

EarthViewer iPad app

What did Earth’s continents and oceans look like 250 million years ago, or even 1 billion years ago? What do we know about the climate back when our planet formed?

This free iPad app allows you to follow continental drift and certain aspects of climate change from 540 million years ago to the present without having to reload. It has several other useful and interesting additional features as compared to 'Ancient Earth'.

A sheep eye dissection – a quick tutorial

This online resource is a 6:25 minute video that shows how to dissect an eye.

It highlights each of the key components of the structure of the eye and can be used as an instructional guide for teachers or to replace the activity in class.

This could then be linked to the development of the bionic eye.

Note: that Science ASSIST has developed an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) document for this activity: SOP: Performing an eye dissection


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