Engineering for the Three Little Pigs

This online resource looks at the properties of different rock types. 

The resource details a hands-on activity demonstrating the importance of using the different types of geological rocks for different aspects of buildings. 

In this activity, the students build three different sand castles and test them for strength and resistance to weathering. They can then discuss how the buildings are different and what engineers need to think about when choosing the rocks, soils and minerals used for construction.

Unlocking the endocrine system

These online resources investigate the human body's endocrine system.

The resources provides background details and instructions for an activity on the how human body's endocrine system works that uses the mail delivery system as a model.

The first resource contains teacher background information while the second resource provides the step-by-step instructions for the activity which looks at the specificity of the hormone–receptor interactions within the endocrine system.

Earth Impact - meteor

This online resource explores the effects of a meteor or comet strike on the Earth.

The resource contains instructions for a hands-on activity, teacher background information and downloadable student resources.

In the activity, students simulate an impact in a container of sand using various-sized rocks, all while measuring, recording and graphing their results.


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