Curb the Epidemic

This online resource looks at herd immunity to epidemics.

The resource provides worksheets and step-by-step instructions for a student activity studying immunity to epidemics that is found in herds of animals.

In this activity, students can identify which vaccinated individuals in a social network would result in the most effective herd immunity.

The activity relies on the students running multiple simulations and assessing the effectiveness of their strategies.

Compare fabric materials

In this online resource, instructions are given for a hands-on activity where students can examine different types of fabrics and learn about their different characteristics.

Using magnifying glasses and sandpaper, students can test and observe the weave and wear quality of fabric samples. By comparing the qualities of different fabrics, they can come to understand why so many different types of fabric exist and are able to recognize and suggest different uses for them.

Engineering Connection

Clearing a path to the heart

This online resource investigates technologies used to unblock clogged blood vessels.

Following the steps of the engineering design process and acting as biomedical engineers, student teams can use everyday materials to design and develop devices and approaches to unclogging blood vessels. Through this open-ended design project, they learn about the circulatory system, biomedical engineering, and conditions that lead to heart attacks and strokes.


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