Meet spiky, thorny and carnivorous plants!

This online resource is a 5-minute video that teaches students about the types of adaptations that help plants survive in different habitats.

The video shows how some plants use weapons to protect themselves and how others mimic stones. It also shows how some plants are carnivorous and how they capture their victims to feed on them.

Tsunami Simulation Experiment

This online resource details an activity that has students conducting a simulation of the actions of a tsunami.

Students will construct a wave tank that will enable them to generate tsunami waves and examine their effects. Teachers can use this activity to provide opportunities to pose questions and plan further investigations about the effects of tsunamis. This resource could be used in conjunction with a unit on earthquakes or natural disasters. 

Leaning tower video – gravity investigation with air resistance

This online resource is a short video about the gravity tower at Gingin near Perth.

The video, from the ABC television show Catalyst, shows several objects being dropped from the 45 m high tower and their acceleration due to gravity is compared.

It also demonstrates that an object with a chain attached, like a bungee cord, can actually accelerate faster than gravity.

This is then compared to the cracking of a whip where the whipping motion accelerates the end of the whip to a speed faster than the speed of sound.

The naked scientists - combustion reactions

These online resources show various aspects of combustion reactions.

The four links show the reactions and give explanations for the observed phenomena.

The experiments are titled: 'Losing air', 'Looking inside a candle flame', 'Igniting wire wool' and 'Jumping flames'.

Each experiment is explained in simple language with an accompaning video and a downloadable mp3 sound file.

Identifying unknown metals using their reactions with known metal compounds

This online resource deals with the reactivity of metal ions in solution.

The resource details an activity where students identify metals based on their reactivity with other metal ions in solution, a process often used in the mining industry to extract valuable metals.


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